How Do Bail Bond Websites Work?

Getting arrested is an experience no one likes, and one place that you can get help after being arrested is a bail bonds website. The bail bonds websites help hook you up with an agency that can lend you the money if you have committed an offense that allows you to post bail.

When someone gets arrested, they are booked by the authorities. Then, they have a chance for release until their trial by being allowed to post a surety bond or bail bond. If someone doesn’t have enough money to cover their bail, a bail bond site can help you to get the money you need to get out of jail.

The bail bondsman guarantees the court it will pay the bail if the defendant doesn’t show up in court. When this happens, the defendant must pay a fee to the bail bonds website. The fee depends on the amount of the bail that is required. Most bail bonds websites charge between 10 and 20 percent of the cash bond the court says must be paid to get the defendant out of jail until he or she appears in court.

Once the bail bonds website posts the defendant’s bail, and the court gets it, the person is released and then must show up at their court date if they want to get their money back from the bail bondsman. There is also usually an extra fee that you must pay the bail bonds website for things like filing the paperwork or other administrative thins. It usually starts at $10 and can go up from there.

Getting back the money paid to a bail bondsman can actually take several months, as it takes paperwork and waiting for the court case to be done. For example, if the defendant skips out on his or her trial date, you will lose any money paid to the bail bonds website. Additionally, whether or not you get money back that was paid to a bail bonds website depends on the type of contract you signed to get the bail paid.

The bottom line is a bail bonds website gets you in touch with a bail bondsman that can help you to post bail if you or a friend or loved one is arrested and put in jail. This allows the jailed person to wait outside of jail until their court date instead of being kept in jail the whole time.

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